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Book Review: Legends & Lattes

Buy it! Just buy this book! I enjoyed it so much that the first thing I did after finishing it was to preorder the sequel. This book had had so much that I love about the fantasy genre, but was also such a peaceful, cozy, page turner! Legends & Lattes is a delightful book that you can just relax with.

Legends & Lattes centers around the former orc fighter Viv, who decides to hang up her sword for good and open a coffee shop. Along the way she makes some new friends, and reconnects with some old ones, as she works towards building her dream. The characters were all very likable and I found myself really cheering for Viv as she worked towards her goal of building a coffee shop. The writing reminded me vaguely of some of the litrpg stories I’ve read in the way the story progressed. I think perhaps this is what made such an otherwise mundane plot theme so enjoyable to read. Also, I only found this out as I was writing this review, the author is a former video game designer. So, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that this story has a bit of a litrpg vibe.

This is the perfect book for fantasy lovers to relax to. Pick it up at your favorite local independent bookstore. If you are local to me, check out Sidetrack Books and tell them Bobby sent you. I’m not actually on a first name basis with them, but it is fun to think people are shopping there and telling them that I sent them.





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