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Orc or Ork?

After reading my last blog post, my wife asked me what was up with my spelling of ork. I really hadn’t actually thought about it. I’m not sure why I chose the ork spelling, I just needed to type out that word and it is the first that came to mind. It got me curious though, had I actually misspelled a simple 3 letter word like that?

Based on my 3 minutes of research, no, ork is a valid spelling. Although, it could easily be argued, and I wouldn’t put up a fight, that orc is more appropriate. Ork is most commonly used in the Warhammer 40k game for their sci-fi version of the orc. Orc is most commonly used everywhere else with only some exception. While there is no official convention, ork, is generally used in science fiction and orc for fantasy. Ork is also used in several european language spellings.

Because it is bothering me now, I’ll be switching to the use of orc as the spelling in my game code and everywhere else. The only place you’ll see ork from now on is in this and the previous blog post where I used it.





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