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Dungeons of Lunaria

Hey! A blog post! I must be up to something, right? I sure am. I’ve begun and have gotten a significant amount of work done on a new video game called Dungeons of Lunaria. The game is playable by visiting dungeonsoflunaria.com although it won’t work properly on mobile.

The game is meant to be an adventure dungeon crawl style game, with procedural generated dungeons and monsters. You delve into the dungeon to find the dungeon orb, destroying monsters along the way. Once the orb is destroyed you’ll need to escape the dungeon, quickly, or die trying to find your way out.

Right now a majority of the planned features are still missing. I have some fun game-play coded, but there is a long way to go. Right now I have a placeholder map put in for the surface of the dungeon. It just has a campfire the read me sign and the entrance to the dungeon. I’m using free images from opengameart.com as a stand in until I can get my own images produced. It is possible to find some pretty high quality images for free on there, but it is my goal to have a unique consistent look for the game, but that is expensive and there is a lot of code for me to write before I think it’ll make sense to upgrade the look.

Once I flesh out the core features of the dungeon, I plan to work on creating a city builder above ground. Dungeon heroes will need someplace to spend all that gold they find in the dungeon below ground. They’ll be able to spend it upgrading their camp, which can eventually grow into a small town, and eventually perhaps a thriving metropolis. I’m not really sure how far I’ll take that. I like the idea, but as a solo dev it might take some time to create.

Making this game is going to take a lot of time. I so far have only spent a short amount of time each day working on the game in between my day job, taking care of the kids, and everything else I need to do before I can start on my hobbies. I’ve gotten pretty good however, at making the most out of short intervals of time. So keep checking back for more progress. Dungeonsoflunaria.com will always link to the newest version of the game and I will try to keep this blog updated with what’s new.





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