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The Hole in the Oak: Day 2

I am as with pretty much all my blog posts very late with this one since we played about 2 weeks ago. This post is a recap of a Dungeons and Dragons session where we play a module called The Hole in the Oak. Please be aware that this whole post is a spoiler for that module.

This blog post was actually written by Elena who plays Monstera. In the future I will try to be less lazy and do more work on these posts on my own, but I’ve gotten to a point where I just need to quickly have this ready before our next session!

‎A Hole in the Oak Session 2 – 12/‎4/‎2020

We decide to head back to Ramius’s house to investigate the study, which we left in haste 5 nights previously. 

We enter the study, and begin to investigate. In the room, we see many shelves of books that contain childish stores, and some upholstered chairs.  None of us discover any traps (so many fails), however suddenly Shen asks the group if anyone saw the chair in the center move. No one did, but  then Rhys walks over to the chair and gives it a kick. Suddenly, a ton of books fly off the shelves at us. Some of us take damage. We enter combat, and defeat the upholstered chairs handily. We then head back towards the faces.

Bosbe agrees to forfeit 5GP to hear another hint from the faces in the wall. They say, “A silver sword lies hidden in a pillar of stone”

Shen also pays out 5GP to hear more. The faces say: “The horned ogre owns a treasure whose value he doesn’t understand” 

Kaliyah pays out 5GP to hear the following: “Reptile worshippers dwelt here long ago. They entombed a great enemy, guarded by his queens.” 

Monstera reluctantly pays 5GP as well: “Do not meddle with the hunter. His presence still haunts these caverns” 

We decide to head westish, towards the sound of rushing water.The path is sandy with 6ft high ceilings and some roots hanging about. The path then curves to the north, where the sound of wind/water gets a little louder. 

Ahead, we suddenly see the ethereal form of a white haired, purple robed wizard. He gestures seemingly benevolently, and says “Welcome to the realm of the imperishable… Please wait in the …. provided…” and then the voice cuts out. It sounded sort of like a borken, magical recording. 

I proceed forth and check for traps, and successfully dont find anything. However, the rug in the center of the room gives me the heebie jeebies. 

Rhys investigates the rug (as he is a magic user) and comes to the conclusion that the rug itself is not magical, but there seems to be magic in the room maybe?

Shen chooses to throw a pebble  onto the rug to see what happens, and the pebble sort of disappears into the shag of the carpet, but thats it. Shen repeats the process of throwing a pebble, and as the pebble reaches the center of the rug, it seems to disappear, just like the first time.  Shen moves the rug a bit and throws another pebble to see if the “center” of the rug where the pebbles have disappeared remains with the center of the rug, or if the pebble disappears in the center of the actual room. it disappears in the center of the room. We determine the rug is not magic, but something in the center of the room is. We roll up the rug and push it to the side. In the space that was covered by the rug, there is a circle of magical runes. Rhys is not skilled enough to read what the runes say. 

Suddenly. worms wriggle up from the dirt between the cobbles and form the words “Burn the Stump” before quickly wriggling back into the ground.

Shen moves forward a bit to peek down the hall to the right.  something is reflecting light from his torch, but he cant tell what it is.  

There is a door with tree motiffs on it on the left side of the room, a path to the right (that Shen checked out) and then the path continues to the north, where the sound of water/wind is emanating. 

I choose to to open the door on the left. Inside i see stone walls and floor, and an ornamental table about 2ft high in the room. there are dozens of glass jars and one green bottle. In the jars is a tiny dead person, about 1 inch tall. They are human, and appear to be fully grown, but shrunken human bodies.  I check for traps and enter the room to inspect the jars of bodies. It doesnt look like anyone has been in here in a long time. The bodies in the jars all look different. THey are fully clothed, and it looks like they died in the jars. The green bottle appears to be half full of wine or something, and there also appears to be a piece of rolled up paper in the neck of the bottle. It looks like the intent was probably to keep the bodies in the jars like a kid keeps a bug in a jar. 

While i am checking out this room, shen listens to the north. Nothing remarkable is heard. 

I pocket one of the jars. I then pull out the paper from the neck of the jar and find that it is actually two sheets. One is covered in writing i cant make out. The other appears to be a page from a tale about a journey to a world of micro people. I pocket the story. 

Rhys glances at the paper with undiscerned writing, and mentions that the paper is covered in magic writing. It looks like a magical scroll. I give the scroll to Rhys on the condition that he buy me a drink when we get back to the tavern. 

Both the table and the rug in this appear to be high quality, and could be worth a pretty penny if we can carry it out of here. 

We then proceed down the path to the East. In the center of that easterly path is a statue of a Hunter with his two hounds. He has a bow in his hand and sword at his belt. The statue appears to be made of stone. The walls to the sides of this path are lined with tall mirrors. The statue brings to mind the prohecy from the faces, regarding  avoiding the hunter. We snealpast the statue taking care not to disturb it. 

We then come upon an archway in the path, made of tnree carved stone serpents intertwined. 

Shen chooses to throw his pebble down the hall through the archway. As the pebble passed directly under the archway, he noticed the very fleeting image of something reaching down and back up again.  Like an appendage maybe? 

We decide to turn around, grab the rug and the table, and head back to the tavern for the night. we hope to get a bigger party together before proceeding any further into the eastern path. It takes us three times as long to get back due to dragging all this heavy stuff. 

Treasure per person:


and we keep the rug and table to decorate our space. 






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