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The Hole in the Oak: Day 1

Warning: The Hole in the Oak spoilers!

The adventuring party consists of Kaliyah the cleric, Monstera Siltepecana the thief, Bosbe the cleric, Doran Bolvard the fighter, Rhys the magic user, and Shen Silverleaf the halfling. They begin having drinks together in the Pork Pie Tavern where they hear rumors of a dungeon beneath an old oak tree in a glade within the Fellnari Forest. Lured by the promise of treasure, they leave the comforts of the Pork Pie Tavern to investigate.

Once inside the dungeon, the party comes to an intersection, Doran decides to cut through some roots blocking a path to the east. This triggers an ominous rumbling, shaking the tunnel but once through doesn’t seem to cause any further effect. On the other side, they found faces covered in moss in the walls which spoke, asking for payment in return for information. For 5 gold each, the party learns:

“Fruits of the underworld are often magical, but can twist the mind of the weak willed”

“Beware the treachery of the gnome”

“The gnomes are guardians of a secret god with great power”

Heading north the party finds what appears to be a 3 cloak nooks carved into the tunnel, within are cloaks, coats, hats near a picture of a gnome. In one of the coats is a key, which Bosbe takes.

Further along the tunnel is what seems to be a waiting room. In it is a wooden table and stool, with a bell upon the table. Beside the bell is a note that states, “Please ring”. Doran rings the bell and presently a sheep headed faun appears from further up the tunnel. He bids the party come with him and offers tea and crumpets. The party is led through a study and into a kitchen where they meet two other sheep headed fauns. The first faun is named Ramius and his female companions are named Ewely and Shorny. They become very insistent that the party drink tea, to the point of suspicion. Eventually Rhys takes a sip of the tea and the sleep draught within makes him immediately unconscious. The fauns then attack, during the fight one of the female fauns Shorny is killed, Rhys and Bosbe are both knocked out. However, Ramius surrendered the fight after seeing a member of his flock killed and taking significant damage himself. Once the fight was over, with Ramius and Ewely tied up, the party continued to explore the faun’s living space. They discover that the monstrous fauns eat people, luring them in with the promise of tea and crumpets, drugging them into submission and then cutting them up into morsels for dining on. The party execute Ramius and Ewely for their crimes to prevent them from causing further harm.

Rhys and Bosbe’s injuries are pretty bad so the party leaves the dungeon and returns to the Pork Pie Tavern to tell of their adventures and recover.






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