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Orange Hot Wings

This Sunday I created a new sauce recipe using orange juice.  I got the idea from something I saw on the food network. I don’t believe this recipe is quite complete yet, but it doesn’t taste half bad as it is. Despite orange juice being a major component, I actually thought that the flavor came through rather mild.  The other problem, in my opinion, is that the sauce was not thick enough and therefore did not really stick to the chicken very well.  I’ll look at improving that in the future.  Here is that recipe.

1 part orange juice
1 part Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
2 parts sugar
add minced garlic to taste

Just mix that all together in a sauce pan until the sugar is completely dissolved.  I had hoped that heating it for a while would make it thicker, but I lost patience and decided to just try it as it was. I believe this is a great “infant” recipe and I’ll be tweaking it a lot in the near future.

How to Deep Fry Research

I’ve spent the last week doing research on how to deep fry my wings. Here are some great videos I found on how to do so. I actually found the second video earlier this week but I like the first one better which is why I put it on top. I’ll be making some wings tonight!

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