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I have not advertised my blog, but there are a few people who have looked at my game hosted at this domain and found their way here. I think my last post was some time in 2013. However you found your way here, I feel like you deserve something so here it is, my first blog post in a very, very long time.

I’m making games now. As of this writing I only have the one and it really isn’t that great. I’m incredibly proud and excited about it though. I put a lot of time and energy into it and learned a lot. I think I benefited from making it on so many levels. Not only do I have a new skill, a hobby that I really enjoy and allows me to create something that I can share with others; some of the things I learned, I believe will also help me at my job. I don’t think I could ask for more.

I don’t have any ambitions to be a full time professional game maker but I definitely want to continue making them. I’ve been going through some lessons that I paid for at Zenva Academy, I’m about 20% of the way through and I feel that I’ve already really leveled up my game making ability. I plan to keep making small games mostly, but I think I might like to also collaborate with other people and try for something larger. I’m always thinking of new ideas, so I don’t really know what my next game would be. I want to rewrite Knight Fight using all the things I’ve learned during and after completion of that game. I also have a really rough idea for a detective noir style horror. I might also do an educational game for young children, I have a few ideas surrounding that genre. That said, my time is extremely limited and I’ll have to be choosy. I might think of something else and just do that.

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