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I finally got around to getting my motors working

I finally got around to getting my motors working. The new GPIO breakout board that I purchased helped a lot. I had some of my wiring reversed and the breakout board made it a lot easier to see where everything needed to go. As for what was wrong during my first test, I’ll just say I was up really late when I took that last video and my brain wasn’t really functioning on all cylinders.

I think my next step is either going to be to attach the sonar sensor or hook up some audio. I installed a program called espeak onto my raspberry pi and a python library so now I can easily make my robot talk as it interacts with it’s environment. Espeak allows me to code text to speech. The voice sounds like Stephen Hawking with an English accent. I hope to have a video of that soon.

Initial motor test most of the way there, now time for bed

I’ve been working on my robot for most of the evening.  I have my raspberry pi configured and connected to the internet.  The wiring is close but I can tell something is wrong from the initial testing.  The motors are supposed to drive forward for 2 seconds and then backward for two seconds.  They don’t quite do that.  I tried to upload a video but it failed to upload due to file size constraints.  I’m too tired for editing.  Time for bed, I should be able to get this working pretty quickly tomorrow.

sudo shutdown now


Edit: Here is that video.  You can tell from my voice that I’m getting pretty tired.

New Robot Under Construction

It has been a while since I have done anything robotics related. My son has been a hand full and hasn’t allowed me to do much outside of work. It has been worth it but I’m grateful for his growing independence and glad to get back into my hobby again. So I ordered a new robot chassis and built it today.  I decided to go with the Magician Chassis from Sparkfun.  It is one of the cheapest platforms out there and is big enough for the robot I’m planning.

Robot Chassis

Robot Chassis

I’m hoping I can scrape together enough time before the weekend is up to attach my raspberry pi and the L293D H-Bridge that I got from i3Detroit and do a little programming.  I also purchased a new wifi adapter which is going to make programming a lot easier.  I should get that by Saturday.

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