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New Robot Under Construction

It has been a while since I have done anything robotics related. My son has been a hand full and hasn’t allowed me to do much outside of work. It has been worth it but I’m grateful for his growing … Continue reading

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Barkley Playing Fetch at Orion Oaks

I figured my blog needed some content here so I’m linking some videos of my dog Barkley playing fetch at my local dog park. Very soon I will also have some posts about my new robotics project. I’ve also created … Continue reading

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Simplified Garduino

I love the Garduino! I really think it is one of the coolest projects that you can make with the Arduino. The full Garduino has some really great features it waters the plants only when needed, turns on supplemental lights … Continue reading

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The Primal Blueprint

OK so I’m not going to post any silly before and after pictures, but I figured this is something worth talking about. As this blog has become mostly about my creative cooking I thought I should say something about my … Continue reading

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Orange Hot Wings

This Sunday I created a new sauce recipe using orange juice.  I got the idea from something I saw on the food network. I don’t believe this recipe is quite complete yet, but it doesn’t taste half bad as it … Continue reading

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