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Month: July 2022

  • The Two Minute Rule

    I have to confess something. It feels so silly to admit this, and as you read it you’ll probably agree that it really is silly. My greatest fear in life right now is simply picking up a pencil and drawing a picture. I decided that for a handful of reasons that I’ll likely go into […]

  • Orc or Ork?

    After reading my last blog post, my wife asked me what was up with my spelling of ork. I really hadn’t actually thought about it. I’m not sure why I chose the ork spelling, I just needed to type out that word and it is the first that came to mind. It got me curious […]

  • My Content is Procedural

    I love procedural content generation! It allows you to add so much content to a game without too much extra effort. If you have been playing Dungeons of Lunaria for a while you may have noticed that the dungeon looks different each time you refresh the game, and if you revisit after destroying the dungeon […]

  • Dungeons of Lunaria

    Hey! A blog post! I must be up to something, right? I sure am. I’ve begun and have gotten a significant amount of work done on a new video game called Dungeons of Lunaria. The game is playable by visiting dungeonsoflunaria.com although it won’t work properly on mobile. The game is meant to be an […]

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